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 Class schedule

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PostSubject: Class schedule   Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:51 pm

Class Schedule's

Here at the academy of night, there are specific schedules for each year that all students follow, with the exception of those who are extrordinarilly gifted. The classes are dificult, but focus mostly on the controll of the student's power and prevention of darkness rising in their souls. The academy of day student's attend schools four days a week, mon-thursday.

Here we try to prepare the students for being the main combat forces of the new empire. We start out small, but by the fourth year we wish for each student to focus solely on their powers. Because there is such a great threat of these dark children turning to evil, we try to teach and harness their powers in a way that does not exaust them. We do not teach them forbiden arts unless they have proved themselves trustworthy.

Each student's scedual is as followed.

Period I (9:00-10:00PM)
Period II (10:15-11:15AM)
Period III (11:30-12:30AM)
Lunch break (12:30-2:00PM)
Period IV (2:15-3:15 PM)
Period V (3:30-4:30PM)
After school activities (5:00-6:00AM)

Year One:

Period I: Algebra II
Period II: Physical conditioning
PEriod III: Empire education
Lunch break
Period IV: Power discovery
Period V: History

Year Two
Period I: Calculus I
Period II: How to control your powers A
Period III: How to controll your powers B
Lunch break
Period IV: Combat forces
Period V: Mental stamina

Year Three
Period I: Battle techniques.
Period II: Power practice
Period III: Power practice B
Lunch break
Period IV: Combat practice
Period V: The way of the king I

Year Four
Period I: The way of the king II
Period II: How to use your evil for good 101
Period III: Advanced Combat techniques
Lunch break
Period IV: The art of charming mortals
Period V: Death powers of the empire (Only select students are allowed to take this class)
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Class schedule
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