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 The village of Elmmorrad

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The village of Elmmorrad Empty
PostSubject: The village of Elmmorrad   The village of Elmmorrad I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 7:35 pm

Welcome all, to the village of Elmmorrad

The village of Elmmorrad 54f2b79a8b112c4d7875978942242e38

[b]This busy little town looks like any other village in Aarandius. Controlled by minions of the king's will. However, laying in their own mists, in the disguise of an acadamy, it houses nearly all the surviving inhuman species outside the capital.

The village has many human residents who are ignorant of this fact, and live in peace. There are beggars, and nobles just like any city. There are also several shops spread out that students frequent. The shoping center, stables, and blacksmith seem to be their favorites. The mayors house is usually avoided.
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The village of Elmmorrad
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