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Sora the perverted prince

Sora the perverted prince

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PostSubject: TSUBASA, SORA   TSUBASA, SORA I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 9:20 pm

Basic Statistics

TSUBASA, SORA Legend_of_the_Vampire_III_by_Micchu

Name: Sora Tsubasa
Age: 18
Species: Vampire
Home Town: Vroengard (the caital)
Work: Prince
Talents/Skills: Strategist and skilled with bladed weapons.
Siblings: N/A
Significant Other: Kaori Souen (Believed to have been Murdered)

Bio / Background:

Sora is the only son of the king and as such is a prince. All his life he has been raised in this tradition the way he was to act dictated to him by conduct and rules and teachers constantly drilling knowledge into him. To escape the hum drum of his daily studies and to annoy his tutors he would often escape the castle and go out on walks amongst the commoners in the city. It was on one of these daily escapades at the age of 8 that he would meet someone to whom he would instantly fall in love with. As silly as that sounds he had fallen in love with what he knew to be a commoner. Something his father and his many tutors would not accept under any circumstances. Her name was Kaori Souen who was 7 years of age at the time. The two became fast friends even despite the fact that he never told her of his status or even his real name. It did not seem to matter however as it never came up. He sneaked out of the castle each and every day to see her and proclaimed his love for her many times each day they saw one another. She knew him as Shiki and as the years went on it became as if he had never know a life without her in it.

His father however soon became far stricter as he advanced in age and was given more responsibilities as the prince. Still he snuck out each and every day to see Kaori who never openly admitted to having feelings for him all though he knew deep down that she did. His father soon became suspicious of why he was away from the royal castle so many hours a day, Kaori soon began to act strangely as well. He feared that if he did not make his move to truly be with her now he would lose her forever. He was 16 and she was now 15 years of age when the tragic event occurred that would shatter his happy little lie he called a life. He confronted his father stating that he wished to marry a commoner a women who he loved with all his heart. His father objected and raises all kinds of hell about it going as far as to forbid he ever see her again. However if one thing could be said about Sora and his similarity to his father it is that he is every bit as stubborn. He refused to back down and seemingly finally managed to get his father’s blessing for the endeavor.

He happily goes to see her the next day to reveal who he truly was and to take her with him back to the castle so they could have a life together. But he learns from one of her friends that a Demon had murdered her that previous night after he had left her and he goes into a state of deep depression for 1 year. He believed that his father had betrayed him and had her killed to stop him from being with her and embarrassing the royal family. He did not know how he would continue without her. He became slowly and slowly his old self again with some minor changes. He no longer held any close ties with anyone and feared getting too close and too attached to someone out of a fear that he wouild loose them too. When he turned 18 he was sent ot the academy of night as an ambassador, on the orders of his father. He would attend classes there with the students and check out the conditions and quality of the school.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 170
Eye Color: Dark Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Glasses or Contact Lenses: N/A
Skin Color: White
Distinguishing Features: A very unique tattoo on his right shoulder. Is covered by his shirt usually so it is not often seen by others.


How he / she dresses: He wears a black collared shirt with the color turned up rather than folded down. He wears black pants and shoes. In addition he wears a white jacket with gold trim and buttons.
Habits: Drinking great amounts of Alcohol, Flirting with beautiful women.
Hobbies: Fencing, sparring with blades, walking amongst the common people, playing practical jokes, reading
Style: Elegant / Flashy
Greatest Flaw: He will do anything for the Women that he truly loves, even if that actions is reckless and life threatening.
Best Quality: Fierce Loyalty

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: A
Mental Stability: Completely Stable
Goals in life: To avenge the murder of the one he loved
How they see himself / herself: As a hard working handsome and charming man, who will do what is needed to get something done.
How do they believe they are perceived by others?: As a handsome and charming man who is friendly to all especially the pretty women.
Ruled by Emotion or Logic: Logic except in the case of the women he loves
What would most embarrass him: To make a stupid mistake and have his standing as a prince made laughable by those below him.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths: Listening to others and offering advice that is not judgmental or biased.
Weakness: Does not easily bend his way of thinking
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert

How they deal with anger: Extremely well, allows the anger to exit his being and refuses to make a move while he is angry as his judgment is perhaps the most compromised when he is in that state. He does not hide his anger or pretend that he is not angry. But he does not act on his anger or allow it to draw him into conflicts.

With sadness: He keeps his sorrows to himself not telling anyone or allowing anyone to see that he is sad or feeling pain. He will put on a happy face and such a convincing act that it is impossible to tell wither he is really happy or just suppressing his sadness.

With conflict: He keeps a cool head and does not allow emotions to determine how he conducts himself in conflict. He seeks to first resolve a conflict through dialogue and peaceful means. But if that is unsuccessful he will not even for a split second hesitate to cut down the person who stands in his way.

With change: He has no issue with change because he is not one of those people who have panic attacks when things change. He understands that the world is constantly changing and as a result things in his life too will constantly change.

With loss: He deals with most loss extremely well as he has an understanding of the world and the fact that everyone dies and things happen. However there has only ever been one exception that has caused him to act differently to a loss. That was the loss of the women he loved. He swore vengeance on the one who killed her and deep down formed a hatred and resentment for demons that has somewhat altered his attitudes slightly. Truly he does not hate or resent all of them just the pain of this loos in particular has caused him great strife.

Fears: Growing truly attached to another person and then to lose them again.
What makes them most happy: Memories of the past with a certain person
Judgmental of others?: No
Generous or stingy?: Generous
Generally polite or rude?: Polite
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