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PostSubject: SOUEN, KAORI   SOUEN, KAORI I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 9:28 pm

SOUEN, KAORI 33744-otaku-darklove-albums-vampire-knight-2371-imagen-ruka-souen-41410

Basic Statistics

Name: Kaori Souen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Hometown: Vroenguard
Work: Waitress at the local bar
Talents/Skills: Singing, drawing
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Shiki.
Describe relationship: Shiki was a peasant boy she had met when she was 7 and living in the capital. They became friends. When she was 15 her powers became more than she could handle and she knew she would not be able to keep her powers secret for any longer. she had to leave before the royal family found out. Not wanting Shiki to chase after her, she informed a friend of theirs to tell him that she had been killed. The friend then went and did so, saying she was killed by a demon.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'11
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Known to change from caramel to gray
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Glasses or contact lenses? No
Skin color: Pale
Shape of Face: Oval
Distinguishing features: A scar stretching from her left shoulder, down her front, between her breasts until it disappears to the inside of her right thigh.
How he/she dresses: a little carelessly. She has no fashion sense at all, nor does she understand the concept of modesty.
Habits: Drinks
Health: Normal
Hobbies: Singing when alone
Favorite Sayings: I wanted things to end without Shiki having to cry, and because the royal family existed, that was impossible.
Style: Elegant
Greatest flaw: She cannot let go of her hate
Best quality: Despite being a demon, she has a good heart.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: (A, B, or C?) A

Mental stability: A little unstable when she goes to long without feeding.
Ruled by emotion or logic: Logic

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths/Weaknesses: She does not allow people to get to her, so they cannot hurt her but nor can they help her.
Introvert or Extrovert:
How they deal with anger: She stores it up untill it bursts
With sadness: Same
With conflict: Same
With change: Adapts well
With loss: Closes down emotions
What they want most: The royal family to die
What they want to change most in his/her life: Her past
fears: Chickens
What makes them most happy: loneliness
Judgmental of others?: Yes
Generous or stingy?: Generous
Generally polite or rude?: Polite
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