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 Species of Aarandius

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Below is a list of all the species admitted into the academies. With a few exceptions, species are usually confined to one school or another, excluding vixens.

Angels are most recognizable by their light hair and blue or green eyes. they are gentle kind beings who would never hurt a soul. Female angels almost always serve as healers, whilst the males do both that and are also known to fight using swords. A select number of angels also have the ability to fly.
Angels attend class of the day

Siren's posses the unique ability to breath underwater and talk to animals as well as Vixen's. They also have the ability to transform into an underwater creature (mermaid). The color of their tail always matches their eyes. They fight using water abilities.
Sirens attend class of the day

Sprites are energetic bubbly individuals.They are identical to humans in appearance and have a small amount of magical powers. They enjoy small pranks, but never mean any real harm by what they do.
Sprites attend class of the day

Cleric Elves

Cleric elves are beings formed in the image of light. Their kind hearts are second only to angels. Their powers come from their soul, and often they are known to be healers with a strong amount of magic.
Elves attend classes of the day

The rarest race tittle belongs to demons. They are often known as cruel beings, though not all share that prospect. They are strong. Demons are wide in variety, from ice demons, to fire demons. All of them have the ability to fly and some can cast dark spells.
Demons attend class of the night

Vampires are creatures of the night. They live off of blood from any creature, though human blood of the opposite sex is the most desirable. When bitten by one of these creatures, euphoria clouds the mind. These creatures are commonly very attractive. sunlight will slowly wear them down until they die from prolonged exposure. The longest a vampire has ever stayed in the sunlight and lived was one hour. They Attend class of the night

Vixen's are a mix of human and animal. Not only can they talk to any animal, but they also have the ability to shape shift in to a specific animal, becoming identical to the wild animal. They commonly take the forms of:
(Others may be requested.)
Vixen's attend both classes of the day and night.

Dark Elves

Dark elves Share much in common with demons in the fact that they too are feared. They are beautiful yet cruel creatures who more often than not use their broad magical abilities for evil. Usually stuck up, they are not to be trusted, as they will probably let you down. However, these creatures are able to charm almost anyone, which is what kept them from being hunted like demons. They attend classes of the night

Lycan's display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. They possess enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, durability, endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most other species while in their Lycan forms. As with wolves, Lycan's possess greatly heightened senses and excellent tracking skills due to their highly sensitive sense of smell. Lycan's have shown that in close quarters combat they are vastly superior to non-magic users. The main thing to watch out for with these creatures is their short temper.
Werewolves attend classes of the night

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Species of Aarandius
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